Although most workouts focus on weight loss or weight loss, the focus is rarely on building muscle strength. As fitness lovers, your main goal is to simultaneously build on all three. So, if you are one of those gym rats who are only interested in building mass by force. But if you want to strengthen your muscles, you have to try these 10 CrossFit exercises.

1. Raised from the ground
Do you want to know why deadlocks are perfect for you? Well, when you lift a deadlift, you work the muscles of your body, lower back and glutes, because you train your body to support heavy weight. The movement is to balance the weight of your body while targeting the muscles of the upper and lower parts of the body.

2. Barbell Thruster
This bodybuilding exercise is designed to strengthen the upper and lower body. This has the same effect as a burpee but it's better because you use weights. In addition to boosting your metabolism, the dumbbell booster improves your cardiovascular strength.

Woman Lifting Green and Black Barbell

3. Wall ball
Make a squat a few meters from a wall. When throwing a medical ball against the wall, grab it standing up and return to the squatting position. Do this particular exercise as fast as you can. It's not as easy as it sounds, but at the end of the exercise, you'll feel your thighs burn with pain, because that's how you know you killed him.

4. Creator man
The man manufacturer may seem complicated, but once you understand, it's a piece of cake. But you can only see the results if you do this exercise 50 times in a row. Exercise combines a series of movements that target every muscle in your body, strengthening muscle endurance.
Woman Doing Exercise at Gym

5. Burpees and Pull-ups
Start with 10 burpees and 1 pull-up. After you should aim 9 burpees and 2 pushups. Do this until you finish at 1 burpee and 10 pulls. Be careful, it will take your breath away, but it's a complete workout to strengthen your body that will only strengthen your muscles.

6. Rowing
Strengthen your muscles by rowing as fast as you can on the rower. In addition to burning a lot of calories, your chest, arms and legs are strengthened by movement.

7. Squats and sprints
Sprint over 100 meters and does five squats back to back. Take a minute of rest and repeat the same thing. When you associate squats with running, the strength of your body increases to a greater extent.