How would you describe CrossFit?

First, it is not a normal sport, but a training method. The practice has been designed to meet all the challenges of life. We practice a little in each discipline of fitness and that includes the movements
functional high intensity. These allow the human to provide a large amount of energy at high intensity, which is why it is a very effective training.

CrossFit seems quite demanding. Who can try? Age or level restrictions?

Anyone can get started. The degree of requirement of the CrossFit is adaptable to the level of the capacity of the individual. Everything is tailor-made: everyone can meet me, you, a high-level athlete ...

How do we start? Alone or with the help of a professional coach? In an ordinary gym or in a specialized center?

CrossFit is often practiced as part of a course given by a coach, either in the gym or in a center specialized in CrossFit.

We generally practice one hour a day in a very nice and community class atmosphere, which helps people to mobilize. We suffer together but then we can talk about it together!

Should we invest in special equipment to get into CrossFit?
Group of People Doing Marathon

If you have shorts and sneakers, you're totally sad! you see it's not very expensive

Is CrossFit popular with women or is it a practice dominated by male practitioners?

It's more like 50/50. CrossFit has helped strengthen the idea that women are just as physically fit as men, that they are able to lift weights, and do whatever they want to build their muscles, which is really awesome !