The morning sport for 10 minutes is equivalent to at least 30 minutes of evening sports and has great benefit to the body and muscles, especially in the process of burning fat, and starting the day with an appropriate morning sport increases the movement of metabolism or cellular representation for long hours of the day and extends to 24 hours , Sport is one of the means that can be exploited to enjoy a body also agile and healthy.

The importance of morning sports:
Morning sports charge the body a large card where the person starts his day and his mind is open and the morning sport to activate the representation of cellular and increased internal energy in the human body would regulate the physiology of organs such as circulation and respiratory system and digestive system and the importance of morning sport also it organizes appetite for food and improve the quality of food Which is chosen by man in addition to organizing the life of the human and practical and social organization of the work of the internal organs of the body and the important things that result from the exercise of morning that they increase the intellectual capacity of man and become a human at the top His intellectual activity after practicing sport in three to four hours at least Morning sport is a good way to improve the quality of sleep significantly and reduce the proportion of insomnia and anxiety and night tension, which adversely affect health and intellectual capacity in general.

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Morning sports before or after breakfast:
Morning exercise can be done before and after breakfast. Sports practitioners should drink a glass of water beforehand if they are going to lose weight. You can also have a light meal before breakfast, and you need to supply the body with the necessary energy.

The benefits of morning sports to gain weight:
 In fact, morning sport works to burn fat and get rid of obesity, but it works to increase weight by increasing the size of muscles that become larger and therefore higher weight, morning sport increases the size of muscle and burning excess fat.

Women's Morning Sports:
Morning sports play an important role in women's lives by changing some negative aspects related to mood, obesity, stress and anxiety. Morning sports also affect women through some things: sleep improvement Studies have shown that exercising in the morning is much better than exercising in the evening, So that the body provides the comfort necessary for a deep sleep during the night, and because its practice before sleep increases the flow of blood circulation in the body, which increases activity and reduces the feeling of desire to sleep. Optimizing Mood Morning exercise triggers the release of endorphins in the body, which improves mood throughout the day to give people a more cheerful look. Getting rid of excess weight and obesity. Morning sports are the fastest ways to burn large amounts of fat and thus eliminate unwanted weight. Improving Thinking People who exercise in the morning are often more effective in their functions, helping to improve blood circulation to the brain, in a way that speeds the process of thinking, and opens the mind to solve the most difficult problems.

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Morning Sports for Men
 The importance of exercise in men does not differ from the importance they give to women. It helps to improve mood, relax, get rid of insomnia and help sleep. It also makes men more active and energetic. Morning sports help men to get rid of stress and stress if they suffer. It is also advisable to exercise at the time men who are overweight or have diabetes or a heart-related disease. Morning For men it works to strengthen the muscles better than the rest of the times and increase muscle strength