1.) It makes physical activity more fun
When was the last time you were really excited about going to exercise? Indeed, for some people, exercise is a great moment of relief that
relieves them of stress and allows them to burn some calories before starting their day or to finish it off. Constantly varied, CrossFit sessions make exercise fun.

2.) It is, every day, a new discovery!
Since you never know in advance what life has in store for you, be prepared to face obstacles, challenges. By practicing CrossFit, you will have to
perform new things at each session, which does not give your body the opportunity to adapt to gestures so repetitive that they become
high interest. And even though, you run the same WOD at each session, the mere fact of adding weight to progress is a source of variation in exercise and motivation.

3.) CrossFit is a functional and practical sport
The basic movements of CrossFit mimic those performed every day. For example, sitting and standing = squat / squat box, picking up objects from the ground = Raised from the ground
and put something on a shelf or put your suitcase in the luggage compartment of a train = strict press. These are ordinary actions but you will strive to accomplish according to a sequence of specific steps and overload.

4.) Set goals and achieve them

In CrossFit, you must perform a large number of coordinated and complex moves. These movements can become super frustrating, for example the famous. If you try this exercise for the first time,
it will seem to you impossible. But by setting the goal of doing this exercise in the state of the art and working hard to do it, you'll be so proud of yourself when you reach your goal that you'll forget all the fatigue you've experienced.
Three Women on Yoga Mats

5.) A balanced and harmonious fitness

CrossFit is a hybrid training program that aims to improve endurance, strength, power, flexibility, agility, speed, balance, coordination and accuracy. In other words, it is a comprehensive and comprehensive physical training program.

6.) You can measure everything

Woman Stretching

Everything is measurable in CrossFit in strength, your muscles and your physical condition. This is advantageous because if we can measure the power or endurance of a person over time, we can observe
the progression of this person. That's why CrossFit has set up reference WODs that allow you to test your physical condition, know your level and improve your results.